Episode 126

Published on:

27th Jul 2021

WHATS ON NETFLIX Founder/Editor-In-Chief Kasey Moore on His Site, Netflix Fandom & The Future of Netflix

Host Andrew Morgan welcomes What's On Netflix founder/editor-in-chief Kasey Moore to the show to discuss a wide array of topics from the business & entertainment sides of Netflix including: why he created his site, what subscribers want from Netflix, their content release strategy, potential merger/acquisition deals, their podcast & video game future, what Netflix movie franchises we want to see the most, best movies of 2021, Oscars talk, & much more.

To read Kasey Moore and all the latest Netflix news, go to whats-on-netflix.com

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The NOMCAST - Netflix Original Movie Podcast
The NOMCAST - Netflix Original Movie Podcast
The NOMCAST is a movie podcast featuring reviews of Netflix Original Movies. Hosted by comedian/film aficionado Andrew Morgan, the NOMCAST breaks down the biggest Netflix Original Movies with special guests ranging from film professionals to critics/podcasters to his fellow comedians.

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