Episode 83

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21st Oct 2020

Over The Moon Review + 2020 Animated Feature Oscar Thoughts w/ Josh Cain of Animation Station & What's Up, Fandom

After the success of The Willoughbys, Netflix is poised to position themselves for another run at the Best Animated Feature Oscar in 2020. The animated film that many think Netflix will promote the hardest for that category, OVER THE MOON, is coming out this Friday and we have your full review featuring special guest Josh Cain (@JoshLCain) of Animation Station & What's Up, Fandom.

We discuss the expectations of the film after Netflix's big 2019 animation breakout (Klaus, I Lost My Body) & their release of The Willoughbys back in April, the career of long time Disney animator & the film's first-time director Glen Keane, the nods to The Wizard of Oz from screenwriter Audrey Wells, the Oscar chances in Best Original Song and Best Animated Feature, & much, much more.

As the film comes out this Friday, we give you a lengthy non-spoiler section up top and, after a brief warning, a spoiler section at the very end.

OVER THE MOON is an animated musical centered on a girl named Fei Fei who builds a rocket ship and blasts off, hoping to meet a mythical moon goddess. The film features the voice acting work of an incredible all-Asian cast which includes the likes of Sandra Oh (Killing Eve, Grey's Anatomy), Ken Jeong (Community, The Hangover, Crazy Rich Asians), John Cho (Star Trek, Harold & Kumar Go To White Castle, American Pie), Phillipa Soo (Hamilton), Ruthie Ann Miles (The King and I), Margaret Cho (Comedian, Drop Dead Diva), & many more. Directed by Glen Keane (Disney Animator for Aladdin, The Little Mermaid, Beauty and the Beast, Tangled). Written by Audrey Wells (Under The Tuscan Sun, The Truth About Cats & Dogs).

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