Episode 134

Published on:

22nd Sep 2021

NETFLIX AND CHILLS 2021 - James Wan Produced 'There's Someone Inside Your House' Headlines Halloween Horror Season

Fresh off of his trip to CT Horrorfest, host Andrew Morgan enlists podcast host Shane Beauregard (Media Mosh) to help break down the latest updates on the films coming soon for the Halloween Horror season known as NETFLIX AND CHILLS!

(1:00) CT HorrorFest Recap, Netflix's relationship to Halloween/Horror Movies, & Where is the Texas Chainsaw Sequel News Update?!

(08:03) NIGHTBOOKS starring Krysten Ritter & Produced by Sam Raimi

(10:26) INTRUSION starring Logan Marshall-Green & Frieda Pinto

(13:18) NO ONE GETS OUT ALIVE from the creators of The Ritual & The Night House

(18:17) THERE'S SOMEONE INSIDE YOUR HOUSE produced by James Wan & Shawn Levy

(25:01) NIGHT TEETH starring Megan Fox, Alexander Ludwig, Alfie Allen, & Jorge Lendeborg Jr

(35:32) HYPNOTIC starring Kate Siegel, Jason O'Mara, & Dule Hill

(45:00) FEVER DREAM - Spanish Thriller

(47:38) Why did NOBODY SLEEPS IN THE WOODS TONIGHT get a sequel?!

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