Episode 151

Published on:

25th Jan 2022

MUNICH: THE EDGE OF WAR Review + Wes Anderson/Roald Dahl, Red Notice Sequels, and The Raid Reboot

For our 151st episode, we bring back film blogger Chris Frodel of Arguing With Myself to break down the latest Netflix Film News and review the Historical Fiction Spy Drama, MUNICH: THE EDGE OF WAR.

(02:00) Netflix Film News including: Red Notice 2 and 3 to be shot back to back in 2023, an American version of The Raid films to be made for Netflix, and Wes Anderson to adapt Roald Dahl's 'Henry Sugar' with Benedict Cumberbatch

(34:08) Our Review of MUNICH: THE EDGE OF WAR starring George MacKay ('1917') and Jeremy Irons ('House of Gucci')

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Intro/Outro Music - "The Poor Surgeon" by O'K and the Night Crew

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