Episode 104

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9th Mar 2021

Leonardo DiCaprio, Lin Manuel-Miranda, Ana De Armas Headline NETFLIX STATE OF THE UNION 2021

It's our 2nd Annual NETFLIX STATE OF THE UNION! Host Andrew Morgan is joined once again by film critic/awards pundit ALSO MIKE of MIKE, MIKE, & OSCAR to take a look back at the storylines from last year's State of the Union ("The Year of Ana De Armas", "The Year of the Musicals"-Whoops!) & see where the Netflix films currently stand on the road to Oscars Sunday. Then, they preview a whopping 20 big name Netflix prestige films for 2021 that just might join the awards conversation at the end of the year (40:27).

2021 Netflix Prestige Films Previewed Include:

Don't Look Up - Directed by Adam McKay; Starring: Leonardo DiCaprio & Jennifer Lawrence

The Guilty - Directed by Antoine Fuqua; Starring: Jake Gyllenhaal & Ethan Hawke

Passing - Directed by Rebecca Hall; Starring: Tessa Thompson & Ruth Negga

Tick, Tick... Boom! - Directed by Lin Manuel-Miranda; Starring: Andrew Garfield & Vanessa Hudgens

The Harder They Fall - Starring LaKeith Stanfield, Regina King, & Jonathan Majors

Blonde - Directed by Andrew Dominik; Starring Ana De Armas as Marilyn Monroe

PLUS, Films featuring: Sandra Bullock, Amy Adams, Halle Berry, Benedict Cumberbatch, John David Washington, & Many, Many More!

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