Episode 119

Published on:

22nd Jun 2021

INTERVIEWS: Jonathan Hensleigh on "The Ice Road"/ Kimmy Gatewood on "Good On Paper"

Double Shot of Great Interviews With Netflix Movie Creators! First, we talk to the prolific writer/director JONATHAN HENSLEIGH about his latest action film 'The Ice Road'. Hensleigh is the screenwriter of such legendary scripts as 'Die Hard With A Vengeance', 'Armageddon', & 'Jumanji' and has turned to directing in the last 15 years with such notable titles as 'The Punisher' & 'Kill The Irishman' (2:32). Then, we discuss the new Iliza Schlesinger romantic comedy 'Good On Paper' with director KIMMY GATEWOOD. Gatewood is making her feature film directing debut after a career of directing TV series such as 'Girls5Eva' & 'The Babysitters' Club' and acting in such stellar Netflix titles as 'GLOW' & 'Atypical' (27:49).

Host: Andrew Morgan

Guests: Jonathan Hensleigh and Kimmy Gatewood

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