Episode 121

Published on:

4th Jul 2021

'FEAR STREET PART ONE: 1994' Actress Jordyn DiNatale on Creating Her Character "Ruby Lane"

"FEAR WEEK" kicks off with a killer interview with 'Fear Street Part One: 1994" actress JORDYN DINATALE!

We discuss the creation process for her character "Ruby Lane", the fun parts of becoming a villain, being called "hot" even as a possessed murderer, missing her switchblade, & her input on her costume & look.

She also lets us in on how her dad "thinks its cool" she kills people, how horror movies ruined her at a young age, & much more.

Listen to Jordyn's previous appearance on our podcast during promotion for her role in Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' HERE

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Jordyn DiNatale is an actress & Connecticut native who is known for her roles in such high-profile Netflix series as "The Punisher" & "Mindhunter" and films like Martin Scorsese's 'The Irishman' & currently in the 'Fear Street' trilogy.

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