Episode 116

Published on:

27th May 2021

BLUE MIRACLE Writer/Director Julio Quintana on His New Film, His Relationship With Terrance Malick, & What Drew Dennis Quaid To This Film

Writer/Director Julio Quintana (The Vessel) joins the pod to discuss his latest film BLUE MIRACLE, his relationship with legendary director Terrance Malick, why Dennis Quaid and others wanted to work on this film, what he wants people to take away from his new film, & much more.

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(3:17) The Surreal Feeling of Premiering on Netflix

(4:18) How He Got Approached To Make This Film & How He Made It His Own

(5:33) How It He Shifted Genres To A More Accessible, Family-Friendly Biopic

(8:20) His Collaboration With Co-Writer Chris Dowling & How He Worked The Script To His Personal Themes

(11:25) The Work-Life Balance With His Producer & Wife Marla

(13:13) Shooting The Boats Scenes On Water

(15:19) Working With A Young Cast

(17:25) What He Learned Working With Director Terrance Malick

(20:19) Learning About The True Story Behind Blue Miracle & Utilizing It For The Film

(21:46) Why Dennis Quaid & Others Were Motivated To Work On This Film

(24:09) What He Hopes People Will Take Away From The Film & The Power of Positive Stories During This Time

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Based on a true story, BLUE MIRACLE centers around a guardian & his kids who partner up with a washed up boat captain for a chance to win a lucrative fishing competition and save their cash-strapped orphanage from closing down. Starring Dennis Quaid, Bruce McGill, Raymond Cruz, Dana Wheeler-Nicholson, & Jimmy Gonzales as Omar.

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The NOMCAST - Netflix Original Movie Podcast
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